Prenatal education

We invite you to consult the materials developed by the
Associations for Prenatal Education members of the OMAEP

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ERASMUS+ PROJECT PEACE SITE "Parenting Education and Awareness of Community to Enable Social Inclusion of Teens Exposed to the risk of becoming parents" 2017-2019

ERASMUS+ PROJECT PACE OF HEALTH "Parenthood Awareness before Conception to Enhance Offspring Health – E-learning Addressing Lifestyle to Transform Habits" 2019-2022

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Flyers for pre- and perinatal preparation, developed with the assistance of UNICEF

Brochure : Préparation à la vie – Le désir d’être deux, s’adressant aux adolescents, mais pas seulement


Revues de l'OMAEP "ENSEMBLE"

Video materials for adolescents to make them more aware of their potential​

Video materials for expectant parents to make them more aware of their mission​

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