Our Team

Board of Management

Gheorghe Anton - President

Gheorghe Anton - Architect - President

Architect, former Faculty Member of the University of Architecture in Iassy, Romania, and independent architect in Lausanne.

Feng Shui consultant trained by the London Imperial School of Feng Shui.

President of the Association d’Information Prénatale Suisse (www.aip-suisse.ch) and Editor-in-chief of OMAEP’s magazine “Ensemble“.

He lectures throughout Romandy, Switzerland, and at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy, promoting prenatal education as a major component of a global education of society.

Author of the book Donner c’est Recevoir (To Give is to Receive)


Lavinia Nanu

Lavinia Nanu - Doctor - 1st Vice-President

Physician, psychotherapist and coach, Lavinia is moved by the ideal of a fundamental prevention.

Since 2003, she has been promoting prenatal education and involved in the coordination of the Romanian Association for Prenatal Education, as its president.

She is OMAEP’s vice-president since 2011, takes part in multiple activities to disseminate Prenatal Education and writes educational material destined to foster in the youth an awareness of what parental responsibility entails, in order to benefit the future generations.


Carla Machado

Carla Machado - Psychotherapist - 2nd Vice-President

Systems analyst, psychotherapist, facilitator of women’s circles, founder and President of ANEP Brazil since 2010, Carla Machado is OMAEP’s Vice President since 2015.

The great power nature gave pregnant women guides her path and fuels her enthusiasm to disseminate and teach the importance of prenatal life, the pregnant mother’s mind as well as her baby’s.

To improve the way children arrive into the world is key to humanity’s luminous future.


Ioanna Mari

Ioanna Mari - Lawyer - General Secretary

Former Judge at the Greek State Council, and nowadays Honorary State Councillor, she works since 2007 in its department for the Protection of the Environment.

She is the founder of the Hellenic Association for Prenatal Education, and its president since 1989.

One of OMAEP’s founding members in 1991, with Marie-Andrée Bertin, and its president from 2007 to 2015.

Under her presidency, the Hellenic Association for Prenatal Education organized two world congresses in Athens on Prenatal Education and its crucial relevance for world peace, as well as several national conferences, exhibits, courses, trainings and seminars.

She is involved in a family-planning pilot program of the Ministry of Health.


Denis Ray

Denis Ray - Editor - Treasurer

Education for all the printing departments from basic typographie to the development and pninting of colored books – Account and management training – Creation of an editorial and diffusion society.



Laura Uplinger

Laura Uplinger - Educator - Principal representative of the OMAEP committee at the ECOSOC - ONU in New York

She is a proponent and educator in the field of conscious prenatal and perinatal parenting.

She bridges several cultures as a featured speaker about the relevance of the inner life of a pregnant woman, in birth events throughout the Americas and in Europe.

She addresses the public at large, as well as teenagers, university students, pregnant couples and birth professionals.

In Brazil, where she lives, she counsels pregnant women from slums to mansions to high-risk maternity wards.


François Schmitt

François Schmitt - Teacher - Principal representative of the OMAEP committee at the ECOSOC - ONU in Geneve

Teacher and researcher, educator in life, international lecturer, organiser of ONU Geneva conferences that give a charge in mentality and can bring a feeling of peace with oneself and with the world.

Creator and director of the Institut of education and formation of life, and sociocultural associations.

Vice president of ONG – AIODD, International Association for Objectives of Durable Development and consultant for ONG – Coalition of ONG for the ODD.

Creator and secretary of the Money Léman France association, for varying currency options and etnics.



Carlo Belli, University professor
OMAEP Expert in Prenatal Education

Joël Evans, doctor
OMAEP Expert in Prenatal Education


Claude Holdowicz, Laura Uplinger and Denis Ray