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Lets dream of the future

« Dreams, as well as fairy tales, harbor the essence of the human psyche, they are symbolic narratives that represent our subconscious memories of humanity’s infancy, its prehistoric times preceding written literature. Most of us see them as pure fiction, merely children’s bedtime stories. However, when we strive to decipher their symbols, we discover with joy and awe a treasure of wisdom and truth in which lie the most hidden secrets of the human soul. »

OMAEP Pregnant Earth

Dialogue from a day dream

– Now that capitalism and socialism have been proven impotent to solve nowadays problems, is there room for a new model of society?

– We’re desperately in need of a new world order, new mentalities and political behaviours. We must put an end to colossal investments in the war machine that only feeds an illusion of security, prevent life’s evolution and lead humanity towards a catastrophic future.

– It seems impossible to confront the media or the financial and economical powers: the very rules, legislations and laws of international trade bow to these powers. International laws on human rights exist, but unfortunately most countries don’t enforce them.

– We often see powerful state leaders making irresponsible decisions centered on domineering viewpoints.

– Today’s political world is subservient to the economical world, and the economical world dictates all the rules. The whole situation is contrary to the good workings of a healthy society, that’s why we need a change of philosophy and behaviour.

– Let’s imagine the possibility of improving the democratic system, which is going through a crisis.

– What do you envision it?

– I see the creation of a Council of the Wise able to enlighten the people and be of service to them. It would be above politics, and formed by experienced, wise and humane individuals. Such Council could exist at the European level and in every country, as well. It wouldn’t be involved in the political and economical arenas, but would provide a vision of synthesis and design the main lines for society’s evolution.

– You mean an improvement on today’s democracy, an enlightened democracy of sorts, managed by a coherent hierarchy: authority (Council of the Wise), politics (parliament and government) and economics (administration)?

– Exactly!

– And where would you start?

– With OMAEP, the World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations, who promotes an education that begins at the source, meaning before birth, and even before conception. Its proponents affirm that this is the time when both parent’s epigenetic programs get recorded into their child’s DNA.

– How come?

– Valued pregnant women, cherished and surrounded with tenderness, transmit to their babies a sense of calmness and wellbeing, feelings of joy and love that get inscribed in every cell. The atmosphere presiding over the prenatal period, birth and the first years of life, is a determinant of the child’s future. This has been proven by the scientific findings of these last decades.

– When we realize how slowly mentalities change, and how long it takes for adults to question themselves, we come to the conclusion that it would be worth improving the lives of those expecting a child, especially pregnant mothers, so that they can bring into this this world children better adapted to the evolution of life.

– I’ve heard of “OMAEP’s Vision” according to which our future is being built even before we’re born. Just yesterday, one of their groups was handing out brochures and CDs in the main hall. I must say that they seemed nice and friendly.

– If what they say is true, the world can become a better place in two or three generations from now.

– That’s what I thought, so I went to them and asked for more information.

– And then what happened?

– They told me that I could have plenty of information at their next public talk, there in the same hall.

– What kind of info are you still looking for?

– I’d like to know what science is discovering on that matter, and also to what extend ancient traditions were aware of it.

– What’s their interest? What motivates them?

– They want to be useful, help society evolve and leave a good heritage to the children of tomorrow.

– And how do they go about it?

– They just inform future parents that they can be great prenatal educators to their children, but they respect everyone’s choices and creed, regardless how this information is received.

– Interesting, they seem ok. What do you think, should we attend their gathering? It’s today, if I’m not mistaken.

– Yes! I’ll be glad to. There’s enough doom and gloom in the air, their ideal and enthusiasm will be inspiring!

Gheorghe Anton

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