Welcome to OMAEP!

“Sharing Knowledge and Best Practice in Prenatal Education Worldwide!” 

 NGO with Special Consultative Status at ECOSOC, (United Nations Economic and Social Committee)

OMAEP (World Organization for Prenatal Education Associations) is a non-profit, Non-Government Organization (NGO). OMAEP has had special consultative status at UN/ECOSOC since 2005.

OMAEP is a federal-type organization, whose members include 25 National Prenatal Education Associations and a number of partners, who are active in 23 countries on 4 continents.

OMAEP accepts diversity in ideas and initiatives. It collects, organises and disseminates information about advances in scientific and psychological fields that relate to prenatal life.

OMAEP is governed by French law of 1901. In common law it is a legal entity, and is without political or religious affiliation.

Our vision

Our vision is an increased worldwide understanding of the broader ecology of the human being during gestation, and the impact of these factors on the future human being, the family and society.

To share information about Prenatal Education, which considers the developing child within a larger ecological context.

To raise awareness of natural Prenatal Education, as the essence of parenthood, and as a major contributor to physical and mental health of future generations, and as an agent of change towards more equitable and caring forms of society.

Our mission

OMAEP aims to raise awareness of ongoing scientific and psychological studies that highlight the critical importance of the period during pregnancy, during which the child takes shape as a future member of society.

The concept of prenatal education and support will be expanded to include all the ecological factors and natural processes of pregnancy, including the profound intuition of women.

Social and political leaders at all levels, local, national (Ministries of Health, Education, Women, Social Services etc.) and international (UN, ECOSOC, WHO etc.), will take a more broad-based approach to Prenatal Education.

Future generations will thereby comprise healthy beings, strong, confident in themselves, open to others and to life, thus able to cooperate and create a more equitable and humane society, a society of peace where everyone can prosper and flourish in the service of all.

To do this OMAEP plays a federating role, facilitating communication and collaboration between the different actors in the sphere of Prenatal Education.

The vision and mission of OMAEP fully support the conclusions of the Substantive Session on Education held by ECOSOC in July 2011 at the Office of the United Nations in Geneva. These conclusions recognize education as a central theme for the future of humanity and as a key for uniting the progressive forces capable of changing societies.

Our goals

In the long-term, to realise all aspects of our vision and mission, with a focus on tangible outcomes.

In the short to medium term to:

  • Encourage future parents to take responsibility, understanding their role as the primary educators, and in creating the right conditions for the optimal development of the unborn child
  • Provide help and support in the creation of National Associations to promote Holistic Prenatal Education
  • Continue the support and training of leaders within all the associations
  • Intensify our cooperation with NGOs and other Agencies and provide a voice through our Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC and the UN
  • Encourage governments to include this knowledge in programmes for:
    • The training of health and social services professionals as primary providers
    • The training of prenatal educators
    • Broader education, adapted to different levels: primary, secondary, technical and university
    • Disseminating the knowledge more widely among the population as a whole.

Our modes of operation

At the Global level:

  • Meetings and training seminars for Leaders of National Associations for Prenatal Education, to exchange information and plan joint initiatives
  • Participation with National Associations for Prenatal Education in the European Grundtvig Project.
  • Actions as an NGO with Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC (New York, Geneva and Vienna}
  • Collaboration and partnership with NGOs working on behalf of children, women, families, health, social services and education

On a national level:

  • Conferences, seminars, conferences, exhibitions
  • Publications: brochures, CDs, articles, websites, social media
  • Radio and TV
  • Partnership with:
    • Health and social services organizations
    • associations with similar objectives
    • parenthood training organizations
    • private sector corporations

This information is given with total respect for the freedom of each individual’s conscience, choices, beliefs and culture.